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New version of Genomenal 1.7.1

Wed, 02/16/2022 - 09:00
New version of Genomenal 1.7.1

In the newly released version of Genomenal 1.7.1 you can:

  • upload and analyze samples in batches (e.g. a sequencing run);
  • create and customize clinical reports;
  • administrate users of your organization (add new users, alter computational quotes, etc.).


Genomenal users often need to analyse genomes in groups or batches. These groups for example, can belong to a single sequencing run (although may be related due to other reasons), hence termed “runs”. Samples of a run can be uploaded faster than one by one avoiding necessity of registering separate samples or patients. Additionally, run samples can be viewed in Variant Viewer simultaneously speeding up the analysis process. This speed up is important in some settings, e.g. for oncology specialists, when time is a crucial factor.

We also developed manager of clinical reports. Users can create custom templates of reports reflecting neccessities of the clinical practice and focusing on high priority findings. User can customize content and the order of report blocks. Customized blocks can include variants specified by user-provided creteria, chromosomal aberrations, clinical recommendations and clinical trials.

Organization clients now have the ability manage its users. In administrator panel one can set user roles, set computational quotes and max size of the samples and invite new users with personalized configurational presets. Numerous improvements on bioinformatics side, documentation and UX/UI were also deployed.