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Products developed by our company

Genomenal — A software solution for processing, annotating, and assisting in the interpretation of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data of human DNA obtained from various sequencer models. The analysis of genetic testing data helps medical geneticists in addressing the challenges of personalized medicine: predicting individual predispositions to diseases, making accurate diagnoses, and choosing effective treatment strategies based on the individual characteristics of patients. The software is intended for professional medical geneticists but adapted for novice specialists as well.


Autobone is a service for the automatic computer modeling of a personalized cranial implant. It is a worldwide trend to focus on personalized implantable medical products. To reduce the time spent on the model design, Autobone uses artificial intelligence methods to build the missing fragments of the skull bones and further assembly of the implant based on the set of the fragments.


Protomenal is a service for analyzing functional properties of the proteins, based on neural network predictive models. There are thousands of classes of proteins, where some of them perform an unknown function and are not fully characterized. Prediction of the functional properties of the proteins allows the discovery of new enzymes, materials, viruses, and catalysts. Protomenal allows predicting functional domains by amino acid sequence without knowledge of protein structure and existence of homologues and can serve as an additional instrument to generally accepted tools.


Genokarta is an electronic science encyclopedia about human genetics in Russian language. It contains articles about human genes and genetic polymorphisms, diseases and phenotypes with a known genetic component, as well as glossary of terms and news related to human genetics. It is also has more than 15 million articles about mutations and variations automatically generated based on data from open sources: dbSnp , ClinVar, SNPedia, GWAS. Articles about diseases and phenotypes are written by our experts with consideration of the characteristics of the Russian population and the Russian healthcare system. Genokarta users are doctors, medical geneticists, genetic scientists, students, patients and their relatives. From 2022, anyone can annotate genetic data on the Genokarta .