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About company

Our team unites more than 50 highly qualified Java and Python developers, Data Science and Machine Learning specialists, bioinformatics and biologists, including 15 employees with advanced degree

Novel Software Systems (NOVEL) is an innovative biotechnology company combining expertise in molecular biology with data analysis technologies.

NOVEL has started its activity in 2004 in Academgorodok district of Novosibirsk and currently has offices and divisions in Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rockville (Maryland, USA), Xiamen (China) and ’s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands).

  • Who do we work with
    NOVEL provides services to innovative companies and solves science-intensive tasks in data processing and the creation of complex software systems. The developments of our company are used by pharmaceutical companies, software developers for processing big data, scientific laboratories, diagnostic centers and biobanks. We help solve problems that lie at the intersection of disciplines such as biology, mathematics and information technology.
  • Team
    Our team unites more than 50 highly qualified Java and Python developers, Data Scientists and Machine Learning specialists, bioinformaticians and biologists. In addition, we engage experts in specific fields as consultants, including attending physicians. Many of the company's key employees have advanced degrees in mathematics, biology, or software development. NOVEL is a place where specialists from different knowledge areas find a common language to solve complex and ambitious tasks.
  • Human Resource
    The company has close ties with the country's leading universities and research institutes. This connection allows us to attract young talents and create high skilled professionals from junior specialists. Every year, Russian and foreign students undergoing diploma practice and internships in our company. The wide geography of our company's clients allows employees to gain experience working abroad, improve their knowledge of a foreign language and obtain important experience in communicating with foreign colleagues.
  • Technology
    We develop our own IT technologies, as well as use a vast amount of tools, methods and approaches developed by the global community. NOVEL widely uses and develops technologies for big data processing, cloud computing and machine learning. We specialize in the processing and analysis of genomic and other biomedical data, including next generation sequencing data and medical imaging.
  • Market
    Our company is in the center of the formation of the new technological way of life. The future of our company is tightly intertwined with the expected growth of the market for artificial intelligence, machine learning, personalized medicine and molecular genetic services and technologies. The high-tech market is fueled by the rapid development of biotechnology, cloud computing and the substantial growth of the computational power. Artificial intelligence systems are reaching a qualitatively new level, and our goal is to be a leader in this new market.
 Vyatkin Yuri Viktorovich
Chief Innovation Officer
 Paivin Alexander Borisovich
Сhief Commercial Officer
Burlachenko Anastasiya Gennadievna
Head of Genokarta project