The open courses on Programming, Bioinformatics and Machine Learning began

Open courses on Programming, Bioinformatics, Machine Learning for students of various departments of Novosibirsk State University began in September:

  • "Object-oriented analysis and design" will familiarize students with the software development processes in the framework of end-to-end design, the UML modeling language, the design of software systems according to the methodology of object-oriented programming, the most common design patterns and architectural patterns (Department of Physics):
  • "Modern programming methods" covers a range of issues related to modern programming languages, their classification and their fields of application; various methods of abstracting, providing modularity, and other aspects of designing software systems. (Department of Information Technology)
  •  "Group project" gives the opportunity to practice group work on the project, guided by the basic methodologies of management and architectural analysis. (Department of Information Technology)
  •  "Declarative programming" introduces students to SQL in a part of the course. (Department of Information Technology)
  •  "General Bioinformatics" is intended for bioinformatics, biologists, chemists, physicians, who use calculations in their work and who want to improve their programming skills. (Department of Natural Sciences)
  •  "Deep Learning" is a practical special course for students of technical specialties and everyone with medium and advanced knowledge in machine learning. As part of the course, students will study the theoretical foundations of training neural networks and will deal with the solution of applied problems on modern video cards.

The lecturers of the courses listed above are highly qualified Novel Software Systems employees: Technical Director, Ph.D. Denis Miginsky, Head of the Bioinformatics Department Yuri Vyatkin, Head of the Machine Learning department Nikolai Russkikh.