Symposium on Gene and Cell Technologies “GeneCellTech 2019”

Our company Novel Software Systems sponsored the GeneCellTech 2019 symposium “Gene and cell technologies in modeling and treatment of human diseases”, which was held on March, 18th in Novosibirsk, Russia.


At the symposium there were presented 15 reports on the development of more effective and safe means of diagnosing and treating human diseases. The participants discussed in detail methods of analysis and directional genome editing and  possibilities of using gene and cell technologies in translational medicine.

Director of the company, Ph.D. Dmitry Shtokalo made a presentation on “Methods of data processing generated by gene and cell technologies” and briefly spoke about the main developments of Novel Software Systems.

  • Gene and cell technologies can accelerate the search for new drugs and effective diagnostic methods.
  • The data obtained using these technologies are diverse, multidimensional and high-volume. To extract knowledge from data, processing technologies are needed.
  • In the arsenal of the BioIT group, there are modern data processing technologies that are as good as those of global competitors, as well as experience in their application. The use of data processing technologies will make it possible to extract new knowledge on the basis of the cell platform being created.