A contract for the development of artificial intelligence tools for targeted protein modification was signed with Vector-Best JSC. Thanks to this technology, our client will receive new enzyme proteins with improved properties. This will make it possible to speed up and reduce the cost of production of many products manufactured by  JSC "Vector-Best".

The developed software based on artificial intelligence algorithms will make it possible to predict the effect  of various amino acid substitutions on the target protein. In particular, for a common enzyme Taq-Pol I, it will be possible to predict its properties: revertase activity, accuracy, thermal stability, processivity, sensitivity to substitutions in primers, and tolerance to various inhibitors..

Using the developed program, it will be possible to select optimal amino acid substitutions to achieve the effect of enhancing specific properties.. Our AI algorithms for analyzing proteins form a framework we call Protomenal.

JSC “Vector-Best '' produces more than 600 products for enzyme immunoassay, real-time PCR and clinical biochemistry. The company occupies a leading position in its segment due to  its powerful research base - the company includes more than 20 research laboratories, and its own modern facilities- the production of sets is located on thearea of ​​more than 20,000 square meters, a wide network of representative offices and distributors, which allows promptly deliver theproducts to any region of the Russian Federation and CIS.