NGS Wizard was exhibited at the III Russia conference with international participation "Tumor Markers: Fundamental and Clinical Aspects"

Our employees took part in the III Russia conference with international participation “Tumor markers: fundamental and clinical aspects” in Gorno-Altaysk, Russia, in July 2021. 

Our company was represented at the conference by Dr. Dmitry Shtokalo, CEO of Novel Software Systems LLC, with a talk «Genomenal platform designed for application of artificial intelligence methods for tumor sequencing data». Dmitry spoke about the developments of our company embodied in NGS Wizard.

NGSWizard is a software  of new generation for high-quality genomic analysis, acceleration and scaling of data processing. The product has the following characteristics:

  • Deep automation of data processing (sophisticated analysis can be performed not only a bioinformatician, but also a lab technician or a doctor due to embedded smart algorithms);
  • User-friendly interface (superior to foreign analogues, intuitive navigation);
  • Specialized reports on disorders in one click (prioritization and preparation for interpretation of genomic screening results).

In addition, Dmitry Shtokalo reported that Genomenal platform includes the following modules besides NGS Wizard:

  • Genomenal Bormental - computer vision tools for analysis of MRI, CT and Microscopic images for diagnostic purposes
  • Genomenal iCanTreat - neuronetwork-based method for drug and heterogeneous tumors therapy impact modelling
  • Protomenal application - for prediction of functional domains in amino acids without requiring homology with proteins with known function
  • MetaGenomenal is a neuronetwork-based method for metagenomic analysis.

The presentation generated interest of academic community and companies.

Agreements on the trial usage of NGS Wizard have been reached with leading Russian medical and research institutions specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Currently cancer marker search pipelines in NGS Wizard are being developed together with our clients to improve the accuracy metrics.