New version of NGS Wizard application was released

The company released a new version of the NGS Wizard cloud application, designed to automatically process human genome sequencing data.

In version 1.3.0 the following improvements have been made:

  • A new Variant Viewer module is for easy search, sorting, viewing of detailed data on annotated variants. It allows to prioritize the researcher’s interesting variants.
  • Possibility of creating virtual gene panels is added to focus to the only genes of interest for the researcher. Gene panels can be imported from the list or created manually.
  • The possibility of uploading user files in VCF format created by third-party programs for annotation and analysis in Variant Viewer in our system has been realized.
  • The annotation module has been completely redesigned, and many new annotional bases have been added.
  • The module for the cohort analysis of germ-line variants for combining and joint analysis of several samples is realized.
  • Experimental pipeline to find Copy Number Variations for a pair of samples.
  • Many user requests have been released.
  • Performance of individual modules has been improved.