Genomenal in the TOP-46 rating of the best startups and big data companies in Russia

The British edition of Data Magazine, owned by the London media company Fupping LTD, based on information from Crunchbase and SemRush, published a selection of 46 of the best Russian startups and companies in the Big Data market: Ranking of applicants was focused on efficiency in the following categories: Innovation, Growth, Management and Social Influence.

Data Magazine rating, which included 46 of Russia’s most famous brands and startups, our Genomenal platform took 25th place.

Genomenal is a genomics data management platform developed by Novel Software Systems. It includes the following applications:

  • NGS Wizard
  • Genomenal Bormental
  • Genomenal iCanTreat
  • Protomenal
  • MetaGenomenal