Autobone program for automatic design of cranioimplants has been developed

In 2019 and 2020 years our company AcademGene LLC and Institute of Information Systems of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences worked together on the project «Development of a software complex for automatic modeling of individual implants planes for closing defects of skull bones on the basis of artificial neural networks». Project was co-financed with the Ministry of Science and Innovation Policy of Novosibirsk as AcademGene LLC won the contest of subsidies for innovators.

Objective of the project: Development of a web-based application for analysis of CT data of the skull and automatic selection of the form of the individual implant at the site of damage of the convexity department.
The results of the joint work carried out are as follows:

  • A web-application in Java and TypeScript languages has been developed for the analysis of skull bone CT scans.
  • A Python module was developed to convert DICOM files into STL format.
  • The module for selecting the form of an implant based on deep learning (ML) of an artificial neural network has been improved and tested, which was developed in the previous stage. The software module makes it possible to reconstruct the shape of the convexity section of the skull.

What is Autobone for in practice?
With the help of the application one can get 3D-reconstruction of the skull after injury, for which it is enough to upload CT images to the website The application will automatically create a 3D model of the implant to damage the cranial part of the skull. Autobone can also be used for cranioplastic surgery to repair a skull defect after a previous operation or to repair congenital defects. In both cases, Autobone will help doctors and engineers to restore the patient’s skull to normal shape.

The web application is available at