An open lecture on text processing

XIV Ershov lecture on computer science "Modern trends in automatic text processing" will be held on April 18, 2019 at 16:00 in the Novosibirsk Technopark (Nikolaev 11, 13th floor). To attend the lecture please register here.

A lecture will be read by a well-known specialist in the field of computational linguistics, D.Sc.Tech. Natalia Lukashevich, Prof. of Moscow State University, Prof. of Moscow Technical State University. She is the author of the monograph “Thesauruses in Information Retrieval Tasks”, which has become a reference book for word processing specialists.
Natalia Lukashevich led the implementation of projects of such linguistic resources as the Thesaurus of the Russian Language RuTez - the largest linguistic ontology for automated text processing, and the Ontology on natural sciences and technologies OENT. Ontological resources were also created in specific subject areas with different word processing technologies, such as:

  • automatic conceptual indexing,
  • expansion of the search query,
  • rubrication,
  • automatic annotation of individual documents and groups of thematically close documents,
  • document clustering.

The annual cycle of lectures on computer science and programming is dedicated to the memory of the founder of the Siberian programming school Academician Andrei Ershov. The organizers are the Novosibirsk Regional Public Foundation for Informatics and the Art of Programming named after A.P.Ershov and the Institute of Informatics Systems named after A.P.Ershov.

The lecture is sponsored by Novel Software Systems.