A webinar on usage of Apache Ignite was held

Eugene Tarasenko, a senior programmist of Novel Software Systems, held a webinar on the topic “Usage of Apache Ignite as a framework for distributed task execution”.

Apache Ignite is used in various systems: banks, logistics, e-commerce. This platform has been chosen for the implementation of a biotechnology project by Novel Software Systems team, where biologists, bioinformatics and developers work together.

The goal of the GlioTraceGenOmic project is to process and interpret the results of sequencing (digitizing) DNA samples of tumors of patients with glioblastoma (brain cancer). The project should provide a common information space for doctors, laboratory technicians and experts in bioinformatics. The system will assist the doctor in making a diagnosis and assessing the likelihood of a relapse.

One of the subsystems of the project is a filtering and processing module for sequencing data. Many of the module's tasks are very resource-intensive: they can run for a long time (hours) and drop the server on which they are running. The lecturer explained why Apache Ignite was chosen as the framework, and how exactly the platform is used to solve the tasks of the project developers.