big data processing
with advanced methods


Bioinformatic technologies are steadily entering into our lives. Currently, the correctly analyzed biological data can bring very useful information. Our company has worked in this domain since 2007 and we know how to extract the maximum amount of information from your genomic, proteomic, transcriptomic as well as other experimental data. Bioinformatic technologies can be applied in multiple fields such as:

  • Hospitals verifying diagnosis and prescribing more effective treatments to patients
  • Pharmaceutical companies who are looking for new targets for future drug development
  • Governments trying to improve their health systems
  • Bioengineers who are working to develop new materials and compounds
  • Scientists who are moving forward in understanding how biological life works
  • People can receive information about predisposition to certain diseases, make family planning and learn about their bloodline

Combining together data processing technologies, machine learning, and biological expertise we have a unique synergy of knowledge and skills, which helps us solve the problems that we are working on.

Our company extracts knowledge from raw data going through several stages. First, the data goes through the Standard Processing stage. Thanks to the use of the latest instruments and software, we can translate raw data into meaningful tabular form quickly and with high level of correctness.

The further intellectual processing of data includes various Data Science methods to search for patterns and correlation in the large volume of information. To go even further, we invite experts in certain diseases and biological processes to help enrich the knowledge that we have extracted.

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