Use of the DNA and RNA sequencing data

Novel Software Systems provides services for the analysis of the high-throughput sequencing data from various organisms. Processing of genomic, epigenomic, metagenomic and transcriptomic data is performed with high academic rigor and includes the following:

  • Identification of known molecular and genetic markers in the client’s dataset and professional interpretation of the results
  • Search for the new markers in the client’s dataset based on the external databases and consortia
  • Software and hardware infrastructure for convenient storage and processing of data

The genomes of two different people are 99% identical, but the 1% difference is sufficient to support the human individual variety. It is the genome and epigenome that encode the developmental program of the person, which, together with the environmental factors determines his/her height, eye color, predisposition to disease, reaction to drugs, and many other traits. Personalized (or precision) medicine has recently emerged as a promising approach in patient care.    

When the personalized approach is used, the research aimed to predict the efficiency and potential side effects of a chosen therapy in a particular patient, precedes the treatment. Patient genome analysis can already provide information useful for selecting the therapeutic regimen for several autoimmune diseases, some types of cancer, cardio-vascular, neurodegenerative, and other diseases. In case of monogenic diseases, knowledge on mutations in the gene is essential. Currently, the high-throughput sequencing is used for precise diagnostics, choice of the treatment regimen, as well as identifying new genetic and epigenetic markers, responsible for disease development.

The competitive advantage of our company is based on the vast experience of scientific research in the analysis of high-throughput sequencing data and microarrays. The availability of the proprietary technology platform allowed us to process dozens of terabytes of experimental data since 2009. Speed, quality, and competitive pricing of Novel Software Systems services is greatly respected by our clients.   

Some examples of high-throughput sequencing data analysis applications:

  • Search of genomic variations and genetic markers in various diseases: Parkinson’s disease, vasoconstriction, cardiomyopathy. The accumulated data allow us to predict the predisposition to disease and suggest treatment options.
  • Metagenomic analysis: screening of bacterial species in the patient’s mouth predicts the effectiveness of various antibiotics for treatment of respiratory diseases.
  • Search for mutations in specific genes: screening for mutations in BRCA1, which cause a half of breast cancer incidents, allows for precise prediction of breast cancer development risk and taking timely preventive measures.


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