Analytical support of the cell-based platform (Biobank)

The cell-based technologies represent a promising direction in contemporary medical science. A cell-based platform for personalized treatments and diagnostic methods is being developed at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics SB RAS and in E.N. Meshalkin National Medical Research Center with the analytical support from the Novel Software Systems experts.

The technologies developed here are positioned at the cutting edge of the world-wide research. Even now, every step from the protocol aimed at cure and rejuvenation of the body on the cellular level can be reproduced in the lab:

  • Drug testing using patient-derived cell lines to avoid the risk of side effects
  • Conversion of somatic patient-derived cells to embryonic stem cells
  • Genome editing in these cells, correcting the harmful mutations
  • Differentiation of the stem cells to the specialized cells, for example, into neurons or heart muscle cells
  • Replacing the “old defective” cells in the body with the new cells carrying a “healthy” genome

Every step of this protocol can be completed with an acceptable quality, but accumulation of errors with each subsequent step currently precludes from successful application of this methodology in its entirety. Our experts are currently participating in the optimization of methodologies that could support treatment of deadly diseases and rejuvenate patients in the future.

An important application of the cell-based platform that has already found its practical use is the drug testing on the patient-derived cell lines, not on the patients themselves. The sufficient number of therapeutic compounds can be tested on the patient cells cultured in the lab without risking serious drug side effects during treatment. As a result, the therapeutic agent that is most suitable for the individual patient is selected for treatment.

Our experts analyze the high-throughput sequencing data, process images, provide analytical and IT support for realization of these ambitious projects.


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