Internship Program

Our company supports young talents and offers internship programs with the following topics:

  • Real time voice exchange between two speakers: Each speaker records a number of chapters from classic literature to create a learning set for neural network. After proper training, the neural network transforms the voice of one participant into another in real time.
  • Reinforcement learning: Finding criteria of applicability of neural networks to solving problems in discrete math (for instance solving Rubik’s Cube). There is no need to use a neural network to solve a discrete math problem if the algorithm is known. The question is how much knowledge we need to push into the neural network so it can solve a problem in a reasonable time.
  • Deep Learning: Looking for an analog of condition number for Deep Learning tasks. In the field of numerical analysis, the condition number allows to make a conclusion about stability of the discrete method for a particular problem. Neural network theory requires the similar theorems.
  • Bioinformatics: Training an immune system to recognize the harmful entities. This is a bioengineering technology which allows us to develop effective vaccines against various diseases.
  • Recognition of moving patterns of animals and humans based on a video stream.


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