Novel Software Systems is the center of excellence in information technology, bioinformatics and machine learning. The company has been founded in 2004 in Novosibirsk (Akademgorodok). Presently, we have offices or our employees/representatives in Novosibirsk, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Rockville (USA), Xiamen (China).

  • Who we work with. Novel Software Systems provides services to innovative companies. We perform knowledge intensive data analysis for these companies and develop complex software applications. Our work is used by pharmaceutical industry, high-tech companies who work with Big Data, scientific laboratories, diagnostic centers and biobanks. We help to solve problems on the edge of knowledge disciplines of biology, math and information technology.
  • The team. The core team of the company consists of more than forty software engineers, mathematicians, bioinformatic scientists and biologists. To extend our expertise even further, we invite medical doctors and specific knowledge domain specialists to participate in our projects. Many of the leading company employees hold Ph.D. degrees in their area of expertise. Novel Software Systems represents a platform where experts from different knowledge areas can find a common ground to solve challenging problems.
  • Collaboration. Our company has a very close connection with Russian universities and research institutes. This relationship allows us to reach the talents at the early stage of their careers and watch them grow to the high skilled professionals. Every year Novel Software Systems provides internship programs for Russian and foreign students. The vast geography of the company clients allows our employees to gain experience working abroad, while also improve their foreign language and communication skills.
  • Technology. The company develops its own know-how using the best instruments and technologies available on the market for biology, math and software development. Novel Software Systems is extensively applying and further improving the technologies for Big Data processing, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning. The deep knowledge of the modern frameworks and approaches allows us to go directly to the point of the problem solving without “reinventing the wheel”.
  • Market. Our company is located in the epicenter of the creation of the new technological paradigm. Our future is laid out in well expected growth in artificial intelligence market, machine learning, personalized medicine and molecular-genetic technologies. The high-tech market is boosted by rapid growth of biotechnology, cloud computing approaches and computational power. Artificial intelligence systems are moving to the new fundamental level and our mission as a company is to be at the very front of this game.
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